Scorpion De-Cat Downpipe BMW M135i 2012-June 2013 Models

Unleash the power and noise from your N55 M135i.

Scorpion Exhausts have now completed development on a turbo down pipe application for BMW’s M135i.

To support the cat-back system technicians developed a high flow 76 mm / 3 Inch De-cat turbo downpipe for maximum tuning capabilities.

This De-cat Downpipe will fit either your existing OEM system or aftermarket system (With OEM fitting flanges).


To aid in tuning your N55 Engine, a de-cat downpipe will further increase performance with improved exhaust flow. This will help your engine breathe whilst improving exhaust noise.

Pipe Diameter – 76MM (3″)

Key Features / Points:

  • Improved Performance
  • Superior Engineering
  • Lifetime Warranty (For Original Purchaser)
  • Fitting Instructions Included

Will not fit to models built after June 2013, please see our other items for this model. Engine management light may be activated, Stage 2 ECU remap recommended


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