EBC Track Brake Pads Front 

EBC Track Brake Pads are the first step on your track car experience. Giving you more confidence over your road set up, offering more bite, higher optimum operating temperatures without compromise. Recommended for a beginner on track days.

Please see below for a more in depth description of both track pad options. Please be aware if you are more experienced with Trackdays and currently finding the limits of your current pads, we do offer other pad options including EBC’s Race Pad Range.

Please note, these pads are NOT road legal


EBC Bluestuff Pads

The EBC Brakes Bluestuff NDX race formula is an ultra high friction race pad with a friction level peaking above 0.6 under braking that will generate more G force than most, if not all pads out there. NDX is capable of street use as it bites well from cold.

The big advantage of this pad is that it is one of the world’s FIRST AND ONLY out of the box pre-bedded race pads that is surface “heat seared or scorched” at the factory. This gives amazing reductions in pad bed-in time on street or track. Also, being a non-metallic aramid base, NDX reduces rotor wear and eliminates the firework display spark emitted in high speed braking by competitive semi-metallics although NDX is NOT a low dust pad. There is an amount of DUST with these pads. Disc wear is however drastically reduced and pad life enhanced. Discs wear smooth and flat without ridges.

EBC Orangestuff Pads

Developed as a full race pad with a high friction level that increases with temperature.

This material works best on light to middleweight high powered race cars where a higher fade resistance and wear life is desirable compared to Yellowstuff. Despite having an acceptable cold friction making this material street usable, the hot friction is deemed too high for ECE R90 approval and therefore this material is not road legal within Europe.

Fitment Models:

BMW 1 Series M135i & M140i

BMW 2 Series M235i & M240i

BMW 3 Series F30 & F31 with Brembo Front Caliper

BMW 4 Series F32 & F36 with Brembo Front Caliper

BMW M2 F87

BMW M3 F80

BMW M4 F82


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