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Today we are taking a look at our BMW 2 Series Large Front Splitter. We have had this product for a while offered in our Satin Textured Black Material which often matches closely with BMW’s M Performance Kits.

After a huge demand we decided it was time to develop the same splitter In Gloss Black. This time we wanted to ensure it had more depth, so it could be more noticable from distance and creat a slightly deeper profile on the front bumper.

After developing the gloss black splitter we have given it weeks of testing before releasing it to our customers worldwide.

As with all of our splitters, we focus on using as many OEM fixing locations as possible to create a product which is esy to fit. With all of our BMW 2 Series Front M SPORT Splitters we add 4 extra fixings to the splitter, this is to create better strength and fitment of the splitter, where it will survive high speeds and still maintain great shape.


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