Join Us while we hold a spotlight on our New Mini R53 Front Splitter


It has always been our intention to work with BMW products and in a way feel we have still maintained this thought process, with the New Age Mini’s being a BMW Product.


Some time ago we developed this front splitter, however we had not done excessive speed testing with it and for this reason did not release it to our customers.

That was of course, until we bought one for ourselves. Here is our Dark Silver Mini Cooper S R53.

Now we had the opportunity to fit the splitter and do some real testing.

The splitter follows a similar shape to the front bumper only extending it, adding a depth and aggression to the front of the softly shaped Mini.

For this Splitter we found it very difficult to use OEM Fixing points to ensure strength for the splitter. We therefore have opted to add extra fixings, with only 2 OEM Fixing locations used which help to Locate the splitter. To help to show our customers where to drill their car, we have pre-drilled our splitters so our customers can add our supplied extra fixings.

Our Mini Splitter is super easy to fit, you will need the following tools to fit:


Drill with 10mm Bit

8mm Socket and Ratchet


Inserting tool


Once fitted you will see how great the fitment is and how the satin black texture of the splitter compliments the OEM Bodykit trims of the factory arches / bumpers.



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